Save Time

Keep all of your special needs information in one place. And then get to it all, from any device, with just one click!

Reduce Stress

Easily organize and instantly find information, files, and records, when you need them. With Vest, you’ll never lose a thing.

Worry less

Vest keeps your support team on the same page with safe sharing and automatic updates. Peace of mind, in the palm of your hand.

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We organized special needs, just for you

With Vest’s pre-labeled Sections and 200+ Pockets, there’s a place for everything, intuitively organized for life with special needs. Make Vest your own with unlimited custom entries.

200+ Pre-Labeled Templates

Vest was created from our 20+ years of experience in working with special needs families. Our pre-labeled templates mean you can stop being stressed about getting organized, because with Vest, you’re already organized!

Intuitive Design

As soon as you sign up, you’ll be right at home. Our intuitively designed app has everything you need to manage the 1,000+ details of life with special needs. Vest is incredibly convenient and easy to use. No downloads, no training. Just sign up and go!

Safe Sharing

You’ll soon be saving tons of time on those tedious emails and texts that you’re sending out to your child’s support team. Vest gives you the power to update your team and keep everyone on the same page for your child’s care, with just one click!

Convenience in the Cloud

With Vest, you’ll enjoy the convenience of instant access to all of your special needs information, from all of your devices. With your Vest in the cloud, nothing and no-one will ever be out of sync again.

Unlimited File Uploads

No more running out of storage! Vest can handle any number of records and documents you wish to upload. Way more convenient than a room full of binders.

Free Trial

We’re absolutely certain that Vest can help make your life easier, but we understand if you need to see it to believe it. Start your 14 day free trial now!

Special Features

Everything you need, neatly organized, specifically designed for life with special needs

Testimonials From the Vest Community

We LOVE this App! It is so helpful and gives us peace of mind that everyone is on the same page with our daughter. This is genius!

Nicole N., mother of two, one daughter with autism

“Best app. I love it. I also love that I can share certain information with my daughter’s team. LOVE it!!”

Christa P.

Christa P.

“I feel great! Every little step I take on Vest gives me a calmness regarding Scott and his needs”

Kathy B., mother of adult son with down syndrome

“Just thought I’d tell other parents out there that Vest is a very worthwhile thing to get into. It’s what I’ve been waiting for–a way to keep track of many important details and be able to update it and share it, all the while still being in control of the information. Try it–it’s unbelievably inexpensive too!”

Bonnie M

Bonnie M., mother of adult daughter in transition

“Vest is like my security blanket. It has given me a sense of accomplishment, knowing that I am preparing for my future and I have some control. I can certainly see myself using this for the rest of my life. I feel that everyone who has special care needs and have a communication disability should have a Vest!”

Jess W.

Jess W.


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Our Story

Our founder, Michael Pearce, is a special needs attorney who has helped thousands of parents plan for their family's future. Witnessing their daily stress and turmoil over making lasting plans for their child's lifetime care and protection, Michael understood that special needs parents needed much more than legal documents to accomplish their goals.

Special needs parents needed help in getting through the day, the week, and life with special needs. Most of all, parents needed a real and practical way to let others know what to do for their child's continuing care and protection after they were gone.

Over the years, through those hundreds of meetings with parents, the idea of a SpecialVest was born - jotted down on a yellow post-it note that Michael kept on his computer monitor, beckoning daily for attention. That post-it note was sparked into reality upon Michael's recognition that cloud technology held the key to helping parents and people living with disabilities navigate life with special needs.

Committed to helping special needs parents lessen their burdens, and firmly believing that SpecialVest was the solution, Michael created and launched SpecialVest - the world's first cloud app designed exclusively to help parents and people living with disabilities navigate life with special needs.

The response and support of our growing SpecialVest community has been absolutely amazing!

Michael Pearce
Michael Pearce, Founder