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200+ pre-labeled templates, created exclusively for organizing special needs. Super-easy to use. Unlimited file uploads. Everything's neatly organized, current, never lost.


No more midnight searches for key info. Vest has you covered with instant access to all of your special needs records. From your phone, your tablet, your mac or pc. Anytime and anywhere you happen to be.


With Vest, your entire support team will have the information they need to help do their best for your child. Safely share key info with “read only” access. Rest easier tonight, knowing that everyone’s on the same page for your child’s care and protection.

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Our founder, Michael Pearce, is a special needs attorney who has helped thousands of parents plan for their family’s future.

Witnessing their daily stress and turmoil over making lasting plans for their child’s lifetime care and protection, Michael understood that parents needed much more than legal documents.

Parents needed help in getting through the day, the week, and life with special needs.

Over those thousands of meetings, the idea of Vest was born – jotted down on a yellow post-it note that Michael kept on his computer monitor, beckoning daily for attention.

That post-it note sparked into reality upon Michael’s recognition that cloud technology held the key to helping parents navigate life with special needs.

With 100% “bootstrap” funding, Michael built and launched Vest as the world’s first special needs navigator in the cloud.

The response and support of our growing Vest community has been absolutely amazing!